Top Spray Tanning Tips for Your Wedding Day

A Spray Tan creates that subtle glow you need to complete your look

Your wedding day is approaching and of course you are stressed out!  There is nothing easy and stress free about a wedding.  You want the perfect dress, make up, flowers, food and of course you want to look flawless.  This is what makes our job so much fun to give the bride that final touch before she goes off for her dream wedding.

  Over our years spray tanning for weddings at deSoleil Spray Tanning, we have compiled a small checklist of tips to make getting a spray tan the easiest part of your wedding planning.  

1.  Always do a test spray. For many women, spray tanning is still an uncertainty and brides want to make sure the formula looks flawless on their skin before the wedding day.  By doing a test spray, you can see how the formula develops on your skin and make sure the color tone is the right one for you. If it’s too dark or too light, it’s an easy fix – but you’ll only know by testing first.  We are trained to determine the right shade for you but we get it perfect with practice!

2.  Test multiple days before a fitting. It’s a great idea to get a spray tan before a fitting to see your perfectly tanned skin against your white dress. Since fittings can be snug and stressful, it’s best to spray at least 2-3 days prior to prevent the formula rubbing onto the dress. 

3. Show your groom to be. Most likely your future husband will say "whatever makes you happy" but let be sure to let him know you are spray tanning for your wedding day.  You don't want to shock him a day or two before.  Show him the final product after your test, so he can see how radiant and glowing you look! Everyone has heard of a spray tan gone bad, so let your man see how far the technology has come and how gorgeous you look and feel. He’ll fall in love all over again.  Take it from us, your man will love how it looks.  Most guys like tan women.

4.  Get your bridesmaids involved. Tell your bridesmaids, mother, sister, future mother-in-law or any other wedding guest about getting a group together for a spray tan party.  It's a great time to get the girls together for a relaxing night of pampering.  We do countless wedding parties so it's a great excuse to introduce the newbies to this service and it will make you more comfortable in your own skin.  Read our tips on how to host a spray tan party

5.  Wear your tan out. Test out your tan.  Pay attention to how the color looks on your skin and how quickly and evenly it fades.  Even though we don't typically recommend it the day after your tan, wait a day or two and go the gym and sweat.  See how much comes off and how it looks after a little wear and tear.  If you like the color on a particular day, let your spray tan technician know so they can adjust as needed for your wedding day.

6.  Spray a few days before the wedding. You did your test spray tan, got another for your bachelorette party and now it’s time for the big day! Book in advance and plan to do your spray tan 2 to 3 days before the wedding. The color is the deepest during these initial days and hasn’t had significant exposure to sweat or competing beauty products. Alcohol- and fragrance-based products speed up the fading process, as well as chlorine so no swimming allowed!  Here is our advice on how far in advance to schedule a spray tan before an event.

7.  Most important of all.  Enjoy the big day!  You will look beautiful and everything will come together so don't sweat the small stuff.  Just picture yourself with a glowing spray tan and your beautiful white dress.

Those are the basics, but be sure to ask us if any specific questions arise.   We have knowledgeable staff with years of experience and we look forward to spraying you before your big day!

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