Stop Baking and Start Faking, Love deSoleil

The days of tanning bed skin torture are so over. We’re sure you remember them. You know, when it was considered pretty cool, hip and trendy to hand your credit card over to the tanning salon employee who then led you to room 2, a room comprised of a clunky machine that basically just emitted harmful UV rays to your precious body. Yeah, we so clearly remember them too, though luckily America got with it and is now really starting to gravitate toward skin friendly products.

If you aren’t yet convinced that lying on that lounge chair or inside that claustrophobic bed are perfectly awful options (see last post), then let us give you a little hypothetical scenario to illustrate what we’re trying to say here:

If you were given the opportunity to travel at no charge from where you live to a magical vacation would you take the free rental car or the free flight? If you’re like most of us, you would gladly accept to travel by air. After all, you’ll arrive there quicker, easier and most likely even safer! The same scenario applies to the use of tanning beds and baking under the hot sun versus a sunless spray tan. Not only will the latter option free you of unnecessarily harmful ultraviolet exposure, it has also proven to be much quicker, more effective and even more fun! You won’t even have to worry about having a burned bottom or chest. Nobody likes to say “ouch” when they’re just trying to sit down on the couch or look forward to skin peeling.

One of the greatest things that deSoleil absolutely prides itself on is how important the health of your skin is to us. For this reason, our variety of sunless tanning solutions were created from the finest and purest ingredients. Many of them are hypoallergenic and even vegan.

Make it a bake-free day!

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