Do you suffer from winter weather fatigue? Get a spray tan to lift your spirits!

Give your self esteem a boost with a spray tan

If you suffer from winter weather fatigue you are not alone!  The fall and winter months can be very discouraging and really affect your mood and energy levels.  Cold weather and limited sun light keep most people indoors and we soon suffer from mental and physical fatigue.

When you start to feel yourself lacking energy and your skin starts to dry out and you lose the color in your skin there is only one solution.  Get a spray tan!

Spray tans aren’t just for the spring and summer months.  Winter can be the perfect time to get a spray tan to help nourish your skin and bring back the color for an instant boost in self esteem.

Cold weather often forces us to remain indoors with the heat on, which can also dry out your skin if you’re not properly moisturizing and staying hydrated.  Dry skin, chapped lips and runny noses are very common in the winter months.  Cold weather causes your skin to flake, chap and crack.  We have a fix for that!  Our spray tan solutions are ultra-hydrating and nourish your skin.  Say goodbye to dry, pale skin and hello to your glowing, bronze skin.

We often get panicked calls from clients in desperate need of some color and it makes us feel wonderful to help instantly put a smile on their face.  A spray tan does wonders to the appearance of our bodies and simply makes you feel radiant and beautiful!

You don’t need a special event or specific time of the year to book a spray tan.  Next time your stuck indoors due to cold weather and feel the winter fatigue draining your spirit, contact us for a spray tan.  It may be cold outside but when you have deSoleil on speed dial we’ll get the 911 and spray tan you happy!

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