Rapid Development Spray Tan

Rapid Development Tan, a quick solution
Rapid Development Tan, a quick solution

We always receive texts from clients that read: “SOS: I need a spray tan fast and I can’t wait to shower in 12 hours.” Before you panic, be assured that a quick Rapid Tan is an option!

Rapid formulas contain a very high amount of DHA and a cosmetic bronzer; this overload of DHA allows you to rinse quickly, and still achieve the great color of your choice. A rapid solution will cater to a range of skin tones, from fair to dark; your shower time will ultimately affect the color outcome.

Processing times are critical; now, repeat this until you have engraved it into your brain! Abiding by the Rapid Tan processing times is what is going to make or break your spray tan. Before spraying you, we will discuss the desired shade you would like to achieve and ask you what you have planned for the next 4 hours. When you leave the appointment, it is up to you to complete the required rinse in the allotted shower-time.

Your spray tan can continue to develop up to 24-hours post-application. You may not see a fully developed color until 24-hours after your tan.

Consequences of ignoring Rinse Instructions

Because Rapid Solutions contain a higher reacting DHA, the tan can quickly overdevelop to an unnatural shade when the solution is not rinsed within 2-5 hours. What does this mean? You may look orange or have “scales” from uneven fading. To avoid these circumstances, we always encourage you to follow the directed shower times.

For clients who are receiving their services late in the afternoon or who like sleeping in a solution, we always suggest our Bronze Organics 12-hour developing formula.

Are you interested in trying our Rapid solution? Have questions? Please find out more information on our website, or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy (Rapid) Tanning!

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