How to get the most out of your spray tan

How to get the most out of your spray tan

A very common question sunless technicians will get is, “How do I get my spray tan to last?”. And the answer is rather simple, it is all about preparation and maintenance.


To avoid uneven or blotchy areas of tan, it is essential to start exfoliating and hydrating the skin at least 2-3 days before your spray tan. 

Exfoliation will help to remove any excess dead skin cells to reveal fresh, youthful skin. Exfoliation will also prep the skin exposing an even surface to spray, which in turn allows for an even application without error after the the tan is applied. At a minimum, it is recommended that you exfoliate and hydrate 24 hours before the spray tan session.

Moisturizing is also vital in spray tan preparation. Adding moisture to the skin will decrease the chance of discoloration, patchiness, alligator skin, and over-development in drier areas upon application. Remember: Hydrated skin is healthier, and healthy skin will “hold” onto those skin cells that have absorbed the DHA.

An important reminder for clients: All beauty appointments should be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled tanning session. Services like pedicures, massages, and hair appointments can affect the outcome of a spray tan if done too close to the sunless appointment. Be sure to remember the immediate color will wash off, the bronzer color does not reflect how the tan will look post-shower, and color may take up to 24 hours to fully develop.